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Dr. David J. Paul

A retired Colonel in the United States Air Force and a retired adjunct professor of Management, Dr. David J. Paul has over 30 years of experience in leadership, management, and the study of motivation. He has published extensively and presented at numerous conferences. This is his first book on this subject. After a Chemical Engineering degree from Princeton, Dr. Paul entered active duty in the Air Force where he began his study on the subject of “Leadership”. During a 30-year career in the aerospace business he continued to study systems engineering and the psychology of human interactions. Understanding the complexity of the ‘human equation’ was more interesting than any other subject in engineering. After Masters Degrees in Meteorology and Business Administration, Prof Paul taught at Cal State University, East Bay and San Francisco State as well as overseas at Fudan University in Shanghai, PRC as a guest lecturer.

Paul’s doctorate in Organizational Development led him to survey and quantify the impact that feeling cared for had on an individual’s engagement at work, their delight at being at work, and whether they flourished in the work environment. The more general question is how anybody is ‘motivated’ to do anything, or why and how can we create an environment in which people will WANT to do something that we need done? Early research developed the theory that people Do Work That Matters for People Who Care. People at more than 30 companies in California’s Silicon Valley expressed what it meant to feel cared for in the workplace and how engaged they felt at work. By explaining the surprising results of this research, Dr. Paul wants you to understand the difference between motivating people to DO something versus creating an environment where people WANT to do something.

Dare to Care

Dare to Care